Functional Neurological Disorder

Posted by amber3212 @amber3212, Feb 20, 2019

Anyone have FND? Looking for more info and someone to talk to, also on how to get treatment. Thanks!

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I was recently diagnosed @Johns Hopkins with FND after being to 14 specialists.

Had a heart ablation 1 1/2 yrs ago and had symptoms upon awakening from surgery.

I have inward/outward severe tremors, churning and discomfort in my chest constantly, electrical charge feeling going thru my upper body they my face effecting my sight and labored breathing unrelated to my lungs.

When dozing off, there is an electrical charge feeling in my chest that prevents me from falling asleep without sleeping pills.

All is very frustrating and and has had rehabilitating effects on my life. I’m not at all convinced it’s FND.

Have upcoming appointment at Mayo pulmonary but convinced whatever this is, it is all related.
I too would appreciate any input or thoughts on this.

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