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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

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We are considering coming up to the Mayo clinic. On of the attending neurologist at the hospital did not think I had FND and my rehab doctor does not think I have it either. I have not had a chance to see my own neurologist. The biggest reason they do not is because I have damage to my optic nerve from optic neuritis, I have severe spasticity and I lose my reflexes during my paralysis episodes. All 3 of these are inconsistent with FND. Now FND is the closest thing to a diagnoses I have ever been given. Everyone else says they have never seen anything like this. Also, I do not have the Hoover's sign mentioned on the neurosymptoms.org website. In some ways I am more confused than ever. I get out of the rehab from my latest episode of total body paralysis on Friday but I don't see my neurologist for another month. Being from Texas, I am not sure I want to go to the Mn Mayo clinic in the winter though. I will be ok with the AZ or FL locations.

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I called Mayo, sent them an email registration form and within three days had an appointment at Mayo Rochester. We are only three and a half hours drive from them so it's the closest for us. I was so impressed with the patient care, team approach to care, the volunteers were amazingly helpful and they are easy to find because there are so many of them. It took me almost two and a half YEARS to get into a Neurologist in the Quad Cities area where we live. Mayo certainly went above and beyond for me!