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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

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I was diagnosed with Functional Tremors/Conversion Disorder last summer at Mayo, Rochester. We had already begun training a Standard Poodle as a Service Dog for me which was a huge blessing. training Beau (Beau Geste) kept me busy and took my mind off what was happening in my therapy. Weekly appointments with a Psychologist who specializes in Complex trauma/Complex PTSD. At 64 years old a lot of things began to make sense for me. I'm 65 now and fully committed to doing the work necessary to help myself. Beau can alert me before I have an episode and applies compression pressure with his 60 pounds of smart, loving, care. I am amazed by how smart he is and what a great job he does for me, lots of classes in obedience for socialization (we live in the boonies). With Beau, I can enjoy things I had not felt comfortable with before, like going out shopping, social situations, crowds are tough for me. My Psychiatrist is brilliant and has been practicing for over 40 years. I am grateful for Mayo going over everything to make an accurate diagnosis. I am currently feeling like I'm on the road to learning who I grew to be, adventure, courage, love of self.

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So glad to have you on Connect, @paulalina, welcome!

It sounds like you are going through a trying time in life and I'm glad that you are choosing to share your journey here on Connect. I would like to invite @ihatediabetes to join you as well. She has also been involved in some difficult therapeutic processes and could certainly understand what you are experiencing.

Your service dog sounds absolutely wonderful! How long have you had him? You might enjoy a Connect discussion on the value of pets. Here is a link to that discussion, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/what-pets-can-do-health-and-healing/?utm_campaign=search. Just click on the link and read some of the posts about the value of pets and feel free to add your own experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you again. Will you continue to post on Connect?