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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

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Hi Jennifer l just saw your post but elevated ammonia levels are not always from alcohol. I have elevated ammonia levels and mines is from non-alcoholic liver disease. Mines was from medications. Ones l was allergic to and also recall one and antidepressant. I was placed on 3 recall high blood pressure meds. And when l came to the mayo clinic on my records the doctors always put on that l was previously on depakote. Which l told the doctor l was having reactions too. So it was the medication. But they really don't look at your ammonia levels. They go buy your symptoms. So now l just have to end differently and rest. So it's not always from cirrhosis.

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@techi Lisa, thanks for adding your input to the discussion. Basically, because ammonia is a toxic waste product of metabolism, the body needs to convert this to urea which is a less toxic waste product that is excreted by the kidneys. Anything that interrupts that process could affect it. I'm not a medical professional, and it's likely that there could be different reasons for a condition. Often, there can be overlapping symptoms for different medical conditions that share common symptoms. As patents, we should try to be aware of this, and doctors take many factors into account when they connect symptoms to a diagnosis. I'm glad you have discovered the source of your condition and taken action. It's good to know about and pay attention to adverse effects from prescription drugs, and to bring this to your doctor's attention.