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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Posted by @swice, Sep 29, 2011

Eating well balanced meals is not only important at all time but also vital when you are pregnant. What the mom eats and how she have impact to the baby’s development. Most foods are safe, however, there are some that you should avoid during pregnancy. Keep this checklist handy to help ensure that you and your unborn baby stay healthy and safe
Raw foods,, unwashed vegetables
cheese: unpasteurized food
caffeine, etc.

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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 21, 2011

i’d probably add peanut butter and shellfish to that list


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Posted by @deliasanderson, Feb 6, 2012

yes, you should definitely avoid peanut butter and shellffish. folic acid is very imp., I’m sure your dr. gave you this supplement as this is the most important thing to take. neurological development is highly dependent upon folic acid. washing veg is extremely imp as has been mentioned above, steaming them too would be recommended to kill insecticides and/or animal fecal contaminants. It’s probably best to stick to your usual diet as you need to feel well and you can’t change everything while you’re pregnant, this should have been done a yr ago. If you change your diet too much, you may have some bad reactions and this would not be good for the fetus. If you don’t take cocnut milk, I wouldn’t add it but next pregnancy, take it a while beforehand because it helps absorb calcium and would help with bone growth and teeth. Don’t do any exercises that you normally don’t do. I remember going horseback riding when I was pregnant with my first. I asked for an old inactive horse and they mixed up my friend’s horse and mine and I got the racing horse. It was terrible, I ended up on the highway on a horse and pregnant. Luckily, my baby was ok but now I understand when they say do all that you normally do. I swam right up to the 9th month and this offered a lot of comfort both to myself and the baby. Now if you don’t normally swim, I wouldn’t recommend it as your body will stay healthy if you just do all your normal things.


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Posted by @deliasanderson, Mar 25, 2012

shellfish can have high levels of mercury that would not be good for the fetus/baby and your baby
could have an anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter and/or it could effect the immune system


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Posted by @petere, Jan 12, 2012

In addition to foods to avoid during pregnancy, there are also some foods expecting mothers should make a point of consuming. There has been a lot of emerging research suggesting that a number of childhood medical ailments may be the result of insufficient levels of vitamin D in the mother during pregnancy. These include autism, ADHD, childhood obesity, childhood diabetes, childhood allergies and a number of others.

The following might be worth reading for any pregnant mom interested in learning about the research concluding that mothers eating a vitamin D-rich diet and/or supplementing with the nutrient may help prevent a number of childhood medical ailments either present at birth or that develop shortly thereafter:

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