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Posted by @frustrated47, 5 days ago

Hi. I am a 47 year old female, diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004. Now my entire spine hurts from scull to SI joints. I have 3 bulging disks cervical, 4 disks lumbar, 2 thorasic. My lower back feels like it's being crushed all the time. all the nerves in my legs hurt. I have muscle spasms, stiffness, joint pain, nerve pain, degenerative risk disease, and I can hardly walk. Sitting kills me!
Been on lyrica many years. I'm wondering if anyone out there is going through this with fibro. My doctors are saying all these symptoms are caused from fibro but I'm not convinced.


Hello @frustrated47, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm glad you found us and want to let you know that you are certainly not alone. I'm tagging our moderator Kanaaz @kanaazpereira to see if we should move your post to the following discussion where you can meet other members with similar symptoms and your post will have more visibility.

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Is there a specific reason that you are not convinced your symptoms are caused from fibromyalgia? I did find an excellent video from Mayo Clinic by Fibromyalgia specialist, Dr. Barbara Bruce, who discusses challenges faced when diagnosing the disease.


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I have fibromyalgia , lower back bulging and herniated discs , and some osteoarthritis in the hips , I have much empathy for you . I will be starting a work up at mayo in Jan. I had success with cortisone injections to the lumbar spine about 3 years ago that was very helpful with pain management , I have experienced a relapse this winter and have some autoimmune skin symptoms as well . Pain management clinics that are staffed by anesthesiologist are the most well trained in this procedure . Don’t give up your symptoms sound multifactorial

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@soteloli Ive had fibromyalgia along time over 30 yrs my back problems came from a fractured back not fibromyalgia I have a bulging disc and burning pain in my thighs in particular .Fibromyalgia is muscle pain ,nerve pain My rheumatologist diagnosed with hitting the pressure points you have 18 of them I had 11 when Dr pushes on them you bout go through the roof Im a retired nurse and the work I did helped now that I'm retired I am still active and do chair and water exercises Lyrica helped but then it stopped so I have used a product called Fibro-Malic for years along with exercises hope this helps

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