Fading Stigma

Posted by Sherman @shermananski, Nov 8, 2019

I was in the gym locker room after a lengthy absence (Effexor ER side effects) and a long-time locker mate noted my reappearance and said hi. I told her I have depression and she was so empathetic and supportive. On another occasion an ER nurse (sudden retinal eye symptoms that turned out to be not serious) started talking to me about her depression after reviewing my meds. She was very supportive and had good wisdom to share. A dental hygienist commented on how many patients are now on anti depressants. Facebook “confessions” and people talking about depression very openly. This forum.

I’ve seen a full range of responses to mental illness over the years! I am now just starting to be open about it. I have not, however, come out on Facebook yet. lol.

Very positive developments. Had I had access to this fountain of wisdom when I was a teenage I’m thinking my life long battle would have been easier. #endthestigma

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@shermananski I am glad you are finding that there are people willing to share their own struggles. It certainly makes you feel not-so-alone in the daily dealings of life, doesn't it? Mental health is a slippery slope, and knowing there are people we see every day who also have their fights, makes us feel a bit better. Take your time, and share as you feel comfortable, with those you want to share with. There is no deadline nor requirement to disclose your situation. You're right, mental illness [which depression is part of] is more recognized and accepted in general these days. I wish my mother had had that experience; it would have made her life and her family's lives so much easier!

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