evar procedure

Posted by cowahapys @cowahapys, Oct 23 3:01pm

I had EVAR instead of open surgery 6 years ago.
I go for ultrasound every 6 months.
Last appointment doc say sac has increased and need CT.
No leaks he could see.

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What does the EVAR procedure entail.


Two small incisions in the groin area. Stent is place in the your Aorta and you are out of hospital in 2 days. No harm no fowl.
You will need to have regular ultrasounds every 6 month to make sure stent is ok.


I think this person was talking about a TAVR procedure


I think this person was talking about a TAVR procedure

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Hello all!
I recently went to Roger Williams ER for Coumadin poisoning. Too much in my body. Supposed to be normally 1.0- 3.0.
My level was at 12. The highest they ever seen.

A bag drip of vitamin k and it went down to 4,8. Still too high but acceptable. While I was at the emergency department they did a routine CT scan. The ER doctor came to my exam bed and said.” We have to send you to Rhode Island Hospital (trauma hospital), for emergency surgery.
The surgeon at the trauma hospital said that “you will need to come back to the hospital but it isn’t bleeding at this time so we feel you can be discharged.

The issue for all this is they found an aortic celiac artery aneurysm and it was torn.

I am on Coumadin (a blood thinner) and if an artery ever burst it most likely would turn into a fatal event.
Both surgeons said that I had one and it has a tear in it. I asked if it could burst and he said that it could “but we have ways of dealing with that!
Suppose I was in a park walking and it burst plus I’m on a blood thinner for a mechanical aortic valve (I had open heart surgery in 2015.). Now what?
My PCP says to see my own vascular surgeon. My surgeon laughed, rolled his eyes up and says “I didn’t see anything, see you next year “ and rushed out the door. No time to talk about my issue.

Two hospitals and 2 cardiovascular surgeons seen it and this guy (who has been charging me a visit per year for what? This means he may know I have one but “see you next year?” I think it’s a torn aneurysm in my aortic artery and my PCP said that I go back to the surgeon who laughed at me? No way. A second opinion may be warranted here?


Sorry didnt mean to laugh but I could not get a second and third opinion fast enough. If you have the means one of the opinions should be Cleveland Clinic and I'm assuming because your on mayo site mayo was one of your opinions. THAT VEIN BURSTS YOUR GONE, THE WIDOW MAKER STRIKES AGAIN


That’s scary. I’m nowhere near Cleveland or Mayo but we do have some great hospitals in the area and we have Brown University teaching hospitals. Both hospitals are top rated for their treatments of heart issues. Cardiovascular surgeons are supposed to be tops in the nation and I’m in the process of hooking up with them. The doctor that did my open heart surgery is supposed to be one of the best in the country. I have to set it up and I don’t know if I need a referral from my PCP. There’s a lot of things I need to do and I’m just too tired as I have a mental disability to deal with. I need someone to set it up for me.

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