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Posted by @kaitlyn in Women's Health, Nov 3, 2011

Anyone got tips on dealing with pain

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Posted by @anon92968371, Nov 24, 2011

Hey there! I had and still have endometreosis for years. I bath, I know sounds kinda simple but it really does help somedays, especially when I'm extremely bloated and uncomfortable.


Posted by @kaitlyn, Jan 20, 2012

Ik thts wht alot say to me but i break into sweat and feel light headed in baths


Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 18, 2011

Surgery to remove scarring will help.
Novo- annaprox ( not sure of spelling ) also helps for menstrual pain.
- it's a blue pill ( anti inflammatory )
Took it for years as a teen , needs prescription though.

My teen daughter is on it now for her cycles.


Posted by @kaitlyn, Dec 19, 2011

Had the surgery three days ago. I have hundreds of spots even after they removed larger ones. They are putting me on medicine specifically for endometriosis . I have tried baths but a warm bath or shower makes me really dizzy

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