Does any caregiver perform cholecystotomy instead of cholecystectomy

Posted by tsath1972 @tsath1972, Mar 21, 2021

One of my parents has gallstones that are starting to create painful episodes, the usual treatment is cholecystectomy. However, due to long term GI autoimmune inflammation issues it seems likely bile malabsorption will be a guaranteed result from an -ectomy. Does anybody perform -otomies any more? Haven't found any mention of cholecystotomy on any Mayo clinic page, and no journal publications on the procedure younger than 30 years. I remember reading it was a more common procedure than cholecystectomy in EU medicine, but can't find anybody in the US that does them. Anybody have advice or contact info for a US doctor who does?

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Hi @tsath1972, welcome to Mayo Clinic. You pose a good question. According to the two articles below. It looks as though studies show that the cholecystectomy has better long term results and people who have cholecystitis that opt for the drainage have worsening symptoms over time and sometimes still require an "ectomy".

May I ask why you are inquiring about the drainage instead of the removal?


You make an excellent point. I had my gallbladder removed years ago, post partum, after managing the symptoms with diet for several months prior to an elective cholecystectomy. I wish that I had not taken this route however at the time I didn’t know any better. Eventually you get used to managing the constant flow of bile instead of on demand. Not sure where they live. Find a good hepatobiliary dept and ask. There are a few in Boston-Lahey, MGH and BI. Good luck.

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