Frequent Pooping without Constipation or Diarrhea

Posted by totoro @totoro, Jan 3, 2023


My dad frequently poops, at least four times a day and around four times a night. But, unusually, he does not have diarrhea or constipation ever.

His GI doctor has done a lot of tests over the last few years, including a capsule endoscopy camera. But his doctor cannot find anything wrong, like ulcers. We have asked his primary care physician, nurses, emergency room doctors, almost everyone, and no one has heard of this.

When we read about IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac Disease, it’s not that.

How can he reduce his symptoms and get healthy again? Please offer suggestions and support.

Thank you.

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He should be tested for pelvic floor dysfunction. He may have incomplete emptying.
The only cure being Pelvic Floor Therapy if that’s the diagnosis.
They test with Anorectal Manometry.
Ask your GI about it


Hi @totoro, sometimes when the peristaltic movement of the intestines get disrupted, the poo can get segmented into chunks with gas pockets in between. Then it doesn’t all come out cohesively at one time.
Your dad might want to try a product such as Metamucil. It’s an over the counter soluable fiber product. It’s hygroscopic so it swells and gels and helps bind everything together but is not a laxative.
It comes in packets or bulk canister. Start slowly with only 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of water per day. Make sure he drinks plenty of water during the day after using this. I use Metamucil if I have a similar disruption when we travel. It works great without discomfort.
Does your dad also eat a high (insoluable) fiber diet? Has he tried Metamucil?


I just went through this type of frequent bowel movements with only a couple tablespoons coming out at a time. I took teaspoon of Metamucil in morning at at night. My bowel movements are getting close to normal. Incredible product for my situation. I had a sigmoid colon resection four weeks ago. It's worth a try.


I take Miralax every morning in addition to SunFiber and Citrucel. I’m no longer constipated but it doesn’t seem to help the incomplete emptying issue which is a pelvic floor dysfunction.


I understand your Dad isn't having Diarhea. But still I would be curious , has he been tested for C-diff? As a person who struggles with this Disease myself, it's not uncommon for me to have 3-4 fairly normal BM's daily . When tested I have active C-diff. It's a simple test to find out. You/he might want to mention this to his Physician. I wish him and you all the best!

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