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I feel like I'm dying

Posted by @srodriguez in Digestive Health, Jan 26, 2012

i am a healthy (I thought) 43 year old female. 2 weeks ago I was at work. Stood up. Got this pulled muscle sensation in my back around my bra strap area. I then proceeded to have chest pain, shortness of breath, flushed, sensation of hot liquid seeping out into my chest, dizziness, and numb and tingly all over my body. I felt like I was gonna pass out or die. I was rushed to the ER. After several tests, and an overnight stay, they discharged me the next day with Synthroid (thyroid just a tad low) and Flexeril for my back pain. I still had the shortness of breath. But they assured me my heart and lungs were fine. Did not do any x-rays or anything for my back. The next day I was pretty much laid out at home due to the flexeril. The following day, I decided to go back to work. Got up, took a shower, then I started having all the same symptoms as before. I had my son take me to the ER again. They did several tests, said my heart and lungs were fine. The doctor diagnosed me with GERD, and sent me home with Prilosec. I took Prilosec for 4 days, then my PCP had me try Protonix, which by the way, both of these gave me horrible side effects (confusion, delirium-hallucinations) and were not helping my stomach pain and nausea. So, she started me on Zantac, which worked wonders the first couple of days, but seems to have worn off now too. Also, after numerous testing, doctor said my Vitamin D was low, was 11, and should be between 30-80. So I started taking Vitamin D3--400 units. 2 weeks later, I have been to the ER three times, had an endoscopy just yesterday (doctor said everything looked fine, but sending off stomach sample for biopsy). Still taking Zantac, and Vitamin D. Trying to eat more foods rich in Vitamin D and calcium. I continue to have nausea, stomach pains, body very weak, losing weight, diarrhea, dizziness, flushed and feel like passing out. I can't sleep, and feel very dehydrated. Every morning I feel like I'm dying with these symptoms. It feels as though it hurts from deep inside my muscles or bones, even my joints in my fingers and elbows hurt. Closer to noon, I feel a little better, try to eat a little something, then it starts all over around 9 or 10 in the evening, and keeping me up all night. I WAS TOTALLY FINE UNTIL 2 WEEKS AGO, THEN ALL THIS STARTED HAPPENING. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE? I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO. I FEEL LIKE I'M JUST GONNA SHRIVEL UP AND DIE.

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Posted by @powerofpositive, Jan 26, 2012

Sorry to hear you are haveing such a time of it. One question. Has anyone tested you for any autoimmune diseases? I had many of the symptoms you have, but I didn't go to the ER. These went on for 3 years, increasing in intensity and my PCP would always offer an antidepressant.even though I had past injury. Back pain has its stigmas in the medical community. So does entering perimenopause/menopause. Don't delay and request the testing/referral. Good Luck. Hope every thing works out and you find relief.


Posted by @jp, Jan 28, 2012

Wow, that is horrible. maybe you need to see other doctors who may have a different perspective. I really feel for you, when others just don't understand how you feel. Keep me posted. God bless you, ask The Lord to help you, He is always willing to help you....


Posted by @jessimcb, Feb 19, 2012

I am a 31 year old with very similar symptoms. I feel like the front of my neck is going to explode at times. I DO have an autoimmune disorder, lupus. Mayo confirmed my blood work to be clear of lupus at the time being (this past week actually). Autoimmune disorders behave this way, as well as premenopausal and menopausal symptoms. If your doctors aren't satisfying you, and just pushing pulls at you left and right that you aren't tolerating, FIND NEW DOCTORS. medications are not always the answer. Remember this as you seek treatment, my local doctors have almost killed me 3 times now treating me like a lab rat. PRAY. and be patient. Definitely have your blood tested for autoimmune disorders, as well as hormone levels. Have them check your pituitary gland as well (MRI). Some times little annoying growths (NOT CANCER) will cause these annoying problems. If all else fails, Mayo in Rochester, MN is awesome. They can help. Try and control your fear and anxiety when these episodes occur, as it only makes things way worse... STAY CALM. If all else fails, go on Mayo's website and request an appointment. Best wishes for you. You will be in my prayers.


Posted by @powerofpositive, Feb 23, 2012

You should be checked for RA, Sjogrens, Lupus etc. even if you don't have any family history. Auto immune disorders can reek havoc. Good luck


Posted by @redocean, Feb 23, 2012

Hi...I am at home trying to get pain relief and find friends on this site. I am so sorry to hear how difficult your life has become due to the physical emergencies you are having suddenly in your life now. I would've immed suspected heart as I just saw a piece oh World News w Diane Sawyer...women and heart attks being pretty much exactly what you describe in your symptoms.Maybe you should see other docs. Have a stress test or just get several diff opinions. Hope to hear if you find out what it is.


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 24, 2012

I'm glad you shared this and I hope you are doing better yourself.
Take care


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 14, 2012

Wow, I cannot understand how two weeks ago you were fine and now you feel like you're dying. Can you recall any changes in your daily routine? My initial reaction was your heart or perimenopausal symptoms. The tricky thing is that many illnesses mimic each other.
My advice would be to get a comprehensive blood work analysis, an EKG and find other doctors if you're not satisfied.
My maternal aunt was 39 years old when she told her best friend that she didn't feel good. Shortly after, she collapsed and died.
She complained to her docs but there always dismissed her concerns as anxiety.
My aunt died from a massive heart attack. When symptoms come about suddenly and without explanation demand that you are fully examined. Another misconception with heart disease in women is that they are experiencing gastric problems.
I hope you recover soon


Posted by @china, Mar 23, 2012

Hi I'm new here. I suffer from depression and anxiety. You may be anxious and physical symptoms come with stress and anxiety. If you have a healthy heart maybe talk to a psychologist. Weird that it began two weeks ago.


Posted by @piglit, Mar 24, 2012

hi I would go and see a really good specialist , ask the dr for a referral and explain the symptons are still severe. I have suffered depression and axiety for many years. This to me sounds more physical something going on with you, to cause these problems. Take care keep in touch Piglit


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 24, 2012

Suerte con su salud. Vos debe buscar un nuevo doctor que le pueda dar mejor tratamiento.

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Posted by @triciatomlinson35gmailcom, Oct 16, 2012

How are you now? Did you get a diagnosis? Did you go to the Mayo Clinic? I'm 43 and saw your post and I'm guessing because there is no post that your good now.? I'm going to try Zantac and Vitamin D, now that I saw your post....because it seems my intestinal issues are getting worse.....I haven't got any tests yet, I'm just trying everything first before the doctors put me through the rat race....


Posted by @anon15616520, Jan 31, 2013

I have same problems as u have. But i have anxiety and depression. And i have bad thoughts i think if death. I went to ER. Like 20 times believe me. And every test they did they all came out good. I decided to see psychiatrist. And he put me on Zoloft 50 mg.

Posted by Anonymous-fcff6570, Mar 10, 2013

Look into an Autonomic Dysfunction, possibly POTS, Mayo has a good clinic. Often misdiagnosed for Psyc.

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