Depression and Hypersomnia

Posted by pbmom @pbmom, May 3, 2021

I'm looking for tips to help an adult son with recurring major depression short duration as well as ideopathic hypersonmnia 1) agree to find a doctor to review meds (I think the depression meds are no longer super effective) as well as to 2) find talk therapy. In Florida it is very hard to coordinate meds and talk therapy, let alone motivate him to agree to try new medical professionals and then have him awake enough to show up! All suggestions welcome.

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Hi @pbmom, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Dealing with depression is hard enough, but having to navigate through it with your child, no matter the age, can be very tough. Using sensitivity along with having empathy, but still using a firm hand to ensure they get the help they need.

I would like to invite @bren1985 and @mountainseeker to the conversation to see if they have any advice with their experiences.

Depending on his age, here is one connect post about college age young adults
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And another about maintaining relationships
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May I ask what part of Florida you are in and how old your son is?


Glad to be here. He is 29. We live Fort Lauderdale area.

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