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Posted by @tj3, Nov 8, 2012

I have had some issues with deprssion my whole life (age 42) but for many years I was “stable”. I always felt mild to medium depression and anxiety but got by OK. I have always been very quiet, dont open up about my feelings, low self-esteem, etc. Earlier this year my wife had an affair, I think a lot if it had to do with my problems sharing feelings, not appreciating her, etc.
Since then I decided I needed to improve my self and our marriage, and not just get by, but know things seem to have “backfired” on me. I have gotten very depressed and anxoius. I can’t focus well at work and am wooried/scared about what is happening to me.



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Posted by @anneinside, Dec 6, 2012

You need help. Get an appointment with a psychiatrist.


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Posted by @wilkins905, Dec 9, 2012

i agree…..but you Psychiatrist must be sensitive about explaining to you family about what you are going thru and to respect you condition….that one thing none of them do….the family will just think you are stressed and will never understand the pain you are going thru……I don’t think too much of healthcare they way these doctors operate….you could wind up lossing you family and they could give less than a damn…….at a minumum they could at least issue a family sheet on how to treat a love one that’s trying to recover……a good doctor in my opimion would help you in that way……but don’t count on it

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