Dementia and CBD Delta 8

Posted by purpleturtle @purpleturtle, Aug 2 11:27am

My LO wants to get CBD Delta 8 which is legal in our state. I have concerns because he takes many medications for many issues. He says he wants it for pain. He has severe arthritis all over and doesn't takes medication because it constipates him. His pain doctor has done injections which help for awhile but he s limited on how often he can often he can do them. Thank you

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Oh dear, I was answering your post, jumped over to see what you had posted about your loved one, and lost it!
But I will say that you are on quite a journey – and not an easy one. But seeing all you have reported made my reply quite easy.
With heart and kidney issues, there is no way CBD should be added to this mix. I think the best reaction would be to INSIST that he get written permission from his doctor before you will help him get any.
Also I have attached a list from Pennsylvania State U of all the known interactions. I am sure you will find one or more of his meds on the list.
Is there any hope of convincing him with facts?

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CBD medication Interactions (CBD-medication-Interactions-1.pdf)


@purpleturtle, did you see @sueinmn's response?

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