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Posted by steve1948 @steve1948, Feb 24, 2017

I was in the hospital for pneumonia and while I was getting a nebulizer treatment the therapist asked if I use a Cpap at home, at the time I didn’t have one. Now mind you I was only sleeping for 2 hrs a night during my pneumonia bout (2 weeks) and the therapist asked if I were open to using a BPAP (what they call it in a hospital) it was a large machine and I said of course. Upon using it I still only slept for 2 hours but it was a very restful 2 hours of sleep and was welcomed. I told my Pulmonologist and got set up for a sleep study, and it is all history. I sleep more restful (have much less visits to the bathroom at night) and use it religiously. Medicare covered my testing and machine. After my test my doc told me I stopped breathing x amount of times a minute, and was restless (tossed and turned) an ungodly amount of time during my test. On the follow up test (with the Cpap) the number decreased significantly. My sister snores like a constant thunder storm and she went for a test and got her Cpap, and now she doesn’t snore at all and tells me she sleeps much better.
There are two ways to use the machine, with a nostril mask (so to speak) and a full mask (you usually see on TV movies). The latter is what I use, I couldn’t get use to the nostril application, and if you were to catch a cold, I don’t know how well it would work, but I use the mask never the less. Hope this helps, and do read the instructions about your machine.


I have a question re the Inspire device. I know virtually nothing about it but understand the patient must meet certain criteria like body mass and weight etc. Anyone know what other criteria must be met and is it set in stone? I’m not sure my cousin would qualify since he’s mentally handicapped and may have difficulty explaining if the device is functioning ideally. Would there be away to be monitored in the hospital after implant? I heard it takes about a month to get used to, is that true? Any other information anyone may have about it I’d be very appreciative to hear from you.
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Hi Jake @jakedduck1 — I think there is a pretty good description of the device and who qualifies here:


I appreciate the information you provided very much. It answered a lot of questions I had. I’d like to hear, if possible, from actual users. Unfortunately some manufacturers are not always forthright with their research.
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