COPD and Gabapentin use.

Posted by nan1953 @nan1953, Jun 9, 2022

I have COPD on O2 3 liters. I also have Diabetic Neuropathy . I was prescribed Gabapentin . I'm afraid to take the Gabapentin because of the warnings that it is not recommended for people with COPD. I would like to know if anyone here is taking Gapapentin. Thanks.

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nan1953 – Good morning, it's nice to meet you. I have lung cancer and COPD. I have had several foot operations which made it necessary for me to take Gabapentin at night. I never felt more out of breath when I took it. I have no idea what percentage of people who take it develop shortness of breath but I sure was glad that I could take it.

Insurance companies have made demands on the pharmaceutical community to make warnings for all sorts of weird possible side effects if you take medications. Sometimes it's ridiculous. They are warnings only. I'm sure that your doctor wouldn't recommend it if he thought that there was a high chance of this happening to you. But! If you do experience it, call 911, and make sure that you are inhaling your Oxygen and that it is on the correct dose.

Are you having pain when you are breathing?


I take 2-600mg tablets of Gabapentin every night for neck, sciatic and hand pain. I have level 4 COPD and have had it for several years. I use a bi-pap machine with oxygen while sleeping or napping. I haven't noticed any adverse side effects while using Gabapentin with Tizanidine.
I had the COPD long afor I started taking Gabapentin and dont feel that it increased the succession levels of this terrible disease..
if you are uncomfortable with Gabapentin maybe check with your Dr. for a lower dose or an alternative. It is important to be comfortable with your meds as COPD is alone enough to be concerned about. Might I suggest the mindful breathing techniques from the Mayo clinic if you haven't already . A great help in a time at need.



I have copd and emphysema no oxygen needed. I take Gabapentin and it helps me a lot with intercostal nerve pain and abdominal pain. Never an issue with gabapentin. Been on it for years.


Thank you so much everyone for the replies. I've been suffering with this nerve pain and dystonia in my toes for almost a year to afraid to take the Gabapentin . It helps in easing my fear of taking the Gab. knowing that other people who have COPD are taking it with no issues. The list of side effects has me scared to death of it. Pain Dr. did recommend Cymbalta if I'm afraid of the Gab. but family Dr. said Gab. has less side effects. Maybe thanks to your replies I'll get up the courage to take the Gab.

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