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Posted by @evadawn0304 in Just Want to Talk, Jan 18, 2012

Hi. I am a 43 yr old female. I have recently started having the following symptoms that just would not go away: RINGING IN BOTH EARS...a high pitched sound that I hear all the time...sometimes softer, sometimes louder. DIZZINESS. Occasional tingling in left face and left arm, hand, fingers go cold. I have seen a doctor about this, and his response was "it's probably stress". Anyone with same/similar symptoms? Is it possible to have this from cell phone use? Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated!

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Posted by @mainelady, Jan 18, 2012

Several years ago a roller coaster ride caused whiplash and now I have ringing in my left ear, dizziness and every winter have intense shoulder blade pain in my back. Have you been in a car accident that might have caused whiplash?


Posted by @evadawn0304, Jan 20, 2012

Hi "mainelady", thank you for your reply! No, I haven't been in any accident nor have I done any activity that would have caused whiplash. I do have shoulder blade pain, but I have learned to live with it. This ringing in the ears and dizziness is now however, and I am concerned. BTW...Do you have the ringing in your ear constantly, or does it go away sometimes? Is there a cure for it?


Posted by @mainelady, Jan 25, 2012

Hi! The ringing and pressure seems to be different everyday. One day the ringing is loud and on another day (like today) I do not notice it but it is there when I really listen. I went to a ENT doctor last year and they suggested a mechanism to place behind my ear. It makes a noise so your brain will get accustom and you won't notice it as much. I never tried it. Oh, I swear that at times the frequency/tone of the ringing changes as I turn my head! Also, I just saw a pain management specialist and while reviewing my MRI some of the discs in my neck are bulging so that is putting pressure on the nerves which is causing the migraines and shoulder blade pain. Now, I have been exercising on an elliptical every night for 2 months now and the pain in the blade is gone. Go figure! But I feel very blessed at the moment. What are some of your other symptoms? Do you have bad allergies?

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Posted by @anon33437135, Jan 26, 2012

Maybe you are having a general anxiety disorder . I have same systems too . I have depression chronic pain also .talk with your doctor.


Posted by @joj85, Jan 21, 2012

There are lots of reasons you could have ringing in the ears with dizziness. Are there any other symptoms? When this happens what does your blood pressure look like? What you have is tinnitus and you can probably start with and ear nose and throat doctor. Tinnitus can be caused by something serious in some cases, so I suggest working with your doctor and maybe a specialist

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Posted by @diego, Jan 26, 2012

The symptons you have could be related to a problem at the inner ear. Have you seen an ear ,nose,& throat doctor. I have ringing in one ear and my ent says its tinnitus,dizziness is related and stress can make it worse. For most there is no cure. Best of luck


Posted by @mainelady, Feb 3, 2012

How are you feeling lately? Just thinking of you and hope you are well.

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