Communication and Connection Techniques for Caregivers

Posted by Becky, Volunteer Mentor @becsbuddy, May 21 4:24pm

I received this newsletter recently from the hospital where I get my care. It lists some online resources and classes that are available to all.
This seemed to be the appropriate time to share it with everyone.
I would love to know id you learn anything new or find the info helpful. What do you think @justbill123 @csm11171962 @johnna16 @denisefrey @mrjohnwebb @buggirl55 ?

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Thank you so much for this information! I will check it out.


That was great!
It actually gave helpful ways to communicate to help keep my husband calm. The part about too many details and words hit home for me! I emailed it to myself and pinned it so it would stay at the top of my email list for my easy access.
Thanks so much.

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