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Posted by jimadman55 @jimadman55, Jun 9 11:21pm

I have CHF, take Eliquis, Metropolol, Corlanor. Should I take CoQ10 200 mg?

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CHF is a disease of energy deficiency in the heart muscle. CoQ10, particularly the ubiquinol form, help to create energy in the heart muscle. There is good research that validates that but not every cardiologist will go along with this.

Many internet reports also will say your Metoprolol depletes CoQ10, but I haven’t found credible research that supports that claim.

I take high-dose Crestor along with Metoprolol ER and Eliquis, and I take 200mg of ubiquinol (Qunol Mega Ubiquinol) with breakfast everyday for many years without any issues.

Be sure to run your question regarding CoQ10 by your doctor. Supplementation is generally considered quit safe in moderate doses. Ubiquinol is considered an adjunct supplement to your prescribed medications and shouldn’t be used by itself to treat CHF.


If you have a decent diet, AND IF you are NOT on statin therapy, you probably will only benefit slightly from taking 100 mg of CoQ10. It's a toss up.

From Healthline:

The following foods contain CoQ10:

Organ meats: heart, liver, and kidney
Some muscle meats: pork, beef, and chicken
Fatty fish: trout, herring, mackerel, and sardines
Legumes: soybeans, lentils, and peanuts
Nuts and seeds: sesame seeds and pistachios
Oils: soybean and canola oil

Statins, for one, interfere with blood circulation of CoQ10. They also raise CAC scores and seem to improve one's chances of developing Type II diabetes:

You asked good questions and MCC is the place to come but does not take the place of cariologist and especially heart failure specialist.

My heart failure specialist is the Director of heart failure and transplant division at Mayo Jacksonville. When I was put on statin drug he wanted me to take co-q-10 to help with the side affects of statin drugs which can affect the amount of Co-Q-10 in heart and also muscle pain. I have been taking it for decades. I take the ubiquinol form as is better absorbed. My HFD also put me on fish oil 2K at day.

My wife was put on statin but was not told to take co-q-10 and expereinced muscle aches. I told her to try the co-q-10 and she did and most of the muscle aches went away.

You are on a lot of medications so you should check with your cardiologist about taking any supplements. Many supplements can interfere with medications.

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