Celiac Artery Aneurysm: Anyone else with same illness?

Posted by Jen @jurney01, Jul 23, 2016

Hello! I was recently diagnosis with a celiac artery aneurysm in June 2016. I underwent a embolization w/ coils procedure since the aneurysm had grown while in the hospital. I was trying to reach out to someone who suffered the same illness but have not been lucky. I would like to locate someone with my same illness. I would appreciate any help. Thank you

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Hello everyone. It has been very informative to read all the posts on celiac aneurysms. Three years ago I went into the er with severe stomach pain. Found out that I had a dissection in my descending artery and three blood clots. They also found an aneurysm of my celiac artery that measured 1.5cm. Nobody has spoken to me about the aneurysm. Ugh! Was back in er this past Friday after almost passing out twice on Thursday, combined with severe stomach and back pain. Found out that I now also have systemic vacuities. My stomach is always hurting, more so if I eat. Have lost almost 35lbs in the last six weeks. Currently have surgery scheduled for October to repair dissection (if I can hold out that long). Waiting to hear from Mayo this week on getting a second opinion. Thanks again for all of your posts. Nice to know I’m not alone in this.

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I just read this post. I hope that everything went well. Do You have any updates to share?


You and I are both very rare. I was just diagnosed with a celiac artery Aneurism last week. I Like you was experiencing severe abdominal pain. I was absolutely not expecting this news after CT scan. Like you I was quickly transferred to a hospital that had vascular surgeons on staff. I’m now released with low grade pain with a wait and see approach. In two weeks they are repeating the CT scan to monitor it. The frustrating part for my family is the wait and see approach. They would much rather have a fix. I’m happy to find someone else with this condition at least to chat with. I’d be happy to share my experiences in more detail if your interested. Doug

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Jen – I just had a similar response on wait and see. I'm not comfortable with that and was wondering how you progressed? Seems like the ER and Vascular Dr. want to wait…to see if my pain is gastro or anerisum.

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