Causes of itching and draining Ears

Posted by Jackie, Alumna Mentor @travelgirl, Aug 20, 2018

Does anyone else suffer from draining itchy ears while they sleep?
It only occurs when I sleep, and I been suffering for years. Been to a couple of Dr's they check my ears and go they look fine. There is notjing wrong.

I wake up in the middle of the night, from my ears itching like crazy, my right ear more than my left.

One Doc gave me medicine for swimmers ear. It doesnt work.

So recently, took it upon myself to take two benadryl tablets before bed. Well that seems to help.
My ears stop itching and draining while sleeping.
Could I have an allergy causing this?
Cause it just seems odd that the Benadyl works.
Is it even ok to take Benadryl on a daily basis?

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Just read your post on itchy ears …..sounds like you may have an allergy problem …..I have the same thing and have had it for years to… main trouble is my nose , of course this connects to the ears and this courses all my trouble……if I may say find yourself a good nose throat and ears doctor if that is possible and get him to give you the once over…..I did this a couple of years ago and am now settled on a nose spray and a couple of tablets a day ……and it it controls it to an extent……at night I to take two Benadryl tabs and it does the trick also helps you off to sleep……Beryl

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