C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

Posted by sue6408 @sue6408, Jan 27, 2019

Does anyone know any body that has recovered from c.diff (guts back to pre-c.diff status ) . I have been negative for a year and still have bloating every time I eat anything and sporadic diarrhea. I need maternity clothing to eat and be comfortable. I have 0 appetite since I was initially infected.I am on creon 36,000 . this helps some what with bloating,I take papya&pineapple enzymes not helping, and floraster 2xday not sure about that.I have tried the FODMAP diet, I avoid many foods on that diet. I am seeing an RD, just finished an elimination diet with her. If I eat I bloat there for I am. Bottom line…are my guts ruined forever ?

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I agree. It should not be used. And apparently, it is KNOWN to cause trouble with patients. Even my brother-in-law, retired MD, casually says the problems are quite prevalent in patients that have used Clindamycin. My question is, WHY do they keep using it?! I have been dealing with the aftermath since February of this year, after taking Clindamycin prescribed by my dentist. I was deathly ill and have now gratefully recovered from the C-diff but not from what it did to me. I took this drug without question because I trusted. Never again. I am fortunate that one round of Vanco got rid of the C-diff (I pray that's accurate), but I have not been the same since and I was told there is no knowing how long it will take for the body to heal. Everyone is different.

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Yeah the dentists do prescribe Clindamycin a lot. I have refused that antibiotic because I know about C-Diff. I do not understand why they keep prescribing it when they know what it can cause. It is something people need to pay attention to because C-Diff is serious.


Gosh. I feel exactly like you. On the same medication too. Spend most of my life in bed. I HATE THAT

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