C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

Posted by sue6408 @sue6408, Jan 27, 2019

Does anyone know any body that has recovered from c.diff (guts back to pre-c.diff status ) . I have been negative for a year and still have bloating every time I eat anything and sporadic diarrhea. I need maternity clothing to eat and be comfortable. I have 0 appetite since I was initially infected.I am on creon 36,000 . this helps some what with bloating,I take papya&pineapple enzymes not helping, and floraster 2xday not sure about that.I have tried the FODMAP diet, I avoid many foods on that diet. I am seeing an RD, just finished an elimination diet with her. If I eat I bloat there for I am. Bottom line…are my guts ruined forever ?


I am in northern Ontario , Canada… our Health Unit covers two districts…this small City has 54,000 people and surrounding communities… fortuntely, or unfortunately, we are surrounded by "bush" trees forest and here between two lakes so quite a bit of space compared with, say, Toronto. However, mostly, we have had to follow restrictions that are for the whole Province. I am the only one in our small family not to have the vaccine yet but am so ill (not looking for sympathy) I dont think I can take anything more right now, but no one had any reactions to first vaccine in our family. We did have an small apt. building of 100 tenants and 2 went overseas and brought it back, infected others in building and 3 died… I would think that was the worst thing, although an unnamed resident died which was "worst" for that family.
People have been coming into the Province and out all along, like USA, its a big country to "police" and someone daughter knows has been coming back and forth from Florida.
I think we have about 5th or less of USA population, so numbers are deceiving.. but I do read some of the news stories and many people have suffered beyong belief for 2021.,.and of course front line workers worn out. Who ever thought we would be living through a Pendemic and I think we all, or a lot do, fear it is far from over with the variants. Even when Covid is under control as is flu for example, then we face the financial and mental dealing with the fallout. But some countries…well we are all human and each death is more than a number eh? ps Dentist gave me same antibiotic as you at Christmas but I chose to have tooth out instead; however, over my lifetimes have had hundreds of antibiotics! Paying the price.

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@lacy2 Wow! Terrible! I have been vaccinated but who knows what's to come? I remember my Mom lived through the Spanish flu epidemic but she never wanted to talk about it. Now I know why. If this ever goes away, I don't want to ever remember it. Take care of yourself!


…thanks, you too! Stay safe.


wondering the same thing

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