Bronchiestatis and albuterol

Posted by gaylesunflower1 @gaylesunflower1, Oct 6, 2020

Hi everyone – my doctor has me on albuterol to control my bronchiestatis – has anyone else used this?

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Not a problem – I buy a half dozen at a time froma med supply. My best friend's husband is blind but likes to be independent, so he's forever losing pieces.


Hello gaylesunflower1 I use Alvesco twice daily for bronchiestatis and asthma along with nebulizing Brovana twice daily. Alvesco replaces albuterol for me due to other health issues. I have used it for about 5 years. Sure beats having to use antibiotics every few weeks as I used to have to do before finding an asthma/allergy specialist who tested me. Best of health to you.

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What is Brovana ? Flib

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