Bone marrow transplants for CMML

Posted by javajude @javajude, May 18, 2019

My son at 39 was just diagnosed with CMML and will be coming to Mayo for 4 months to prepare for and receive it. His dad and I will be his caregivers at the Hope House while he is there. Who had been through this?


Hi @javajude, I thought I would check in. Are you at Mayo Clinic now for the 4 month period with your son while he prepares and receives a bone marrow transplant? How are you? How's he doing?

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Yes . He had some kidney and peri carditis issues and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. The kidneys have improved, hos peri carditis chest pain continues, and he has grown strong enough to move to the GOL Transplant House in Rochester. He will have round 2 of chemo next week. We're hoping for smoother sailing.


Is the allogeneic donor related? Either way, it is a long road. Your son will become weaker and sicker with the chemo designed to kill off his existing bone marrow. Once he receives his donor cells, he will begin his climb back, very slowly. The biggest risk during the entire time his infection, followed by a graph versus host disease. He will be monitored extremely closely, with bloodwork every day. I was hospitalized for four weeks for my transplant, but some centers don’t require that. Your son will be very very tired, have a little appetite, and have side effects like mouth sores, swelling from the steroids, and some, but not all of the predicted complications. Once he’s well enough to go home, it takes many months to regain strength and return to normal activities. Sometimes graph versus host disease continues to be a problem and requires follow-up from your local center. Little by little he will regain his strength, but to become 100% can take quite some time. Please let me know if you have any specific questions. Warmest regards and best wishes.

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