Body vibrations when falling asleep or waking?

Posted by cricketlips @cricketlips, Jun 2, 2022

After many google searches for the reason I feel vibration in my head, shoulder and arm just before falling asleep and waking, I found nothing that satisfactorily explained it. Of course anxiety seems to be a common explanation but there was nothing specific enough to help me. I am currently reading Incognito by David Eagleman. It discusses the functioning of the brain as an organ. This morning, going through my routine to get ready for work, I thought of a way to understand the vibrations. Similar to the hypnic jerks we experience occasionally just before we fall asleep, I think the vibrations are intended to arouse me to stay vigilant. Which is the fight or flight mechanism in action. So there is the anxiety connection. Originating in the amygdala. I was thinking Parkinson's or MS but my symptoms don't indicate those conditions, thankfully. It seems counterintuitive to be anxious and sleeping at the same time but the brain can do that. The cerebral cortex sleeps but the life support systems of the brain must stay online, obviously. If you thought you were in danger, sleeping would put you at risk but at some point sleep becomes absolutely necessary. I think the vibrations I have been experiencing are caused by my sympathetic nervous system and not a neurologic disease. Thankfully !

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I had all the heart related tests too. Not cardiac related. Mine has lessened over the last few months to maybe 1 or 2 a month and then only about a 2 on scale of 1-10. I do take cholesterol meds and that depletes the body of coq10 so I started taking that several months ago. It is more annoying than scary for me and I might add also that I had a sleep apnea test done couple years ago only to see if it would pick up anything but it didn't. It did show I had mild sleep apnea and I have a nasal cpap. I used it religiously for first 6 months then slacked off. I might use it now about 4 times a week. Not sure why the vibrations have all but stopped but after having them for about 4 or so years, I'm not complaining. I might have 1 or 2 a month in the torso or pelvic area but that's it. I may add though that the upper rib area on both sides of my back has been very painful for a few months. Almost like I overworked those muscles. I have an MRI scheduled next month for back issues. I honestly believe it's a neurological issue with a certain nerve to do with the brain. Ask about a sleep test to see if it'll pick up something, mine didn't though. I also wore a heart monitor for a month and it didn't pick up anything either. I have palpitations bad and had to press a button whenever I had one. Although it seemed like I had a lot of them, he said I only had them 1% of the time. I take 1000mg of magnesium too. Cardiologist recommended it and they have been almost non existent for a few months. Hope you find some answers soon. Nothing like feeling like you have swallowed a vibrator. Also, it's the vibrations that wake people up. Most say they have them upon waking etc but it's the other way around. The vibrations are so strong that they wake you up. Used to, I could turn over and they would go away. They were worse when I lay on my back.

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My chiropractor said that our cortisol levels are the highest around 4 - 6 AM in our circadian cycles and the cortisol could be causing the vibrations. I take magnesium, 5 - HTP, Melatonin, and GABA before bed every night. And I sleep beautifully. My vibrations start after I wake up, roll over from my right side (in fetal position) and roll on my back, stretch my achy legs. It's like I'm trying to get the circulation in my legs started, and my heart begins to pump a little more causing these vibrations in my central upper and middle chest. I have venous insufficiency in lower legs. Also Raynaud's in feet/hands. 2 of my first cousins have Parkinson and M.S. My neurologist said I don't have either as I was tested twice. But we never discussed E.T. Essential Tremor. I had a bad concussion on my head in 2017. Now I have post concussive syndrome. Visional problems, needles pins in extremities. Gait and balance problems. High cholesterol & triglycerides. Borderline glucose /A1C prediabetes. I'm working so hard to eliminate sugar, gluten, all processed foods. Eating 99% clean whole foods, and working in my organic veg garden to grow healthy foods. I'm slow as a slug, and get SOB when I work more than 30 minutes clearing weeds and planting. I have zero tolerance gardening in the heat. I'm 74 years old. Hope this helps someone.


A few months ago I started have a quivering of my entire body, I can see the bed covers moving, when I drift off to sleep and it wakes me up. Some nights I cannot get any sleep. Other times it does it once or twice before I actually get to sleep. When this happens I do deep breathing for a few minutes and I shake my legs too. And if I don't, the quivering continues. I feel it in my heart. I have tried to take my blood pressure, even an hour later, and the blood pressure machine pumps us and when going down, it start pumping up again. I cannot get a blood pressure reading. I went to primary care doctor and he thought it was anxiety, too many things going on in my life, and he prescribed LORAZEPAN 0.5 MG TAB AUR, only ten pills, and it did relax me and I went to sleep. He has referred me to a Doctor of Psyciatry. To date I have not gone. My heart doctor said it did not have anything to do my heart.

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