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Posted by hawkbaby78 @hawkbaby78, Apr 5, 2018

I have an adult male friend who when he lays down, nurses/doctor's can not find a blood pressure. But when he moves into a sitting position it will register. He says doctors have taken tests but they still can't him out why?

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@hawkbaby78- Perhaps he is semi-alive? Sorry, I could not pass that up! Hope you & him find out what would trigger that?


Probably due to vessel compression.


@hawkbaby78- Perhaps he is semi-alive? Sorry, I could not pass that up! Hope you & him find out what would trigger that?

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Please don't be so insensitive.


My friend they can't find a pulse in her one foot ,other one is fine this is what Dr. feels compression of blood vessels on that side


Hello @hawkbaby78,

Welcome to Connect. I can imagine how strange your friend's undetectable blood pressure may seem! There are so many factors that can affect accurate blood pressure (BP) measurements, and your position (sitting, standing, lying down) is one of those. Sometimes the readings can differ between the left and right arm as well.

BP is usually measured in the sitting or supine (lying down) position, but the two positions can give different readings. When BP measurements are taken in the supine position the arm should be supported with a pillow to keep it at heart level.

@hawkbaby78, has your friend asked his doctor...
– to take pressure with an automatic machine?
– if his radial pulse is normal?
– tried taking blood pressure at the wrist or leg?


I have recently, about Systolic BP 130-140, while Diastolic reading of 70-80; same range over the monthly checkups in Feb, March 2018 on Carvdedilol 3.125 mg, in April 6.25 mg + Torsemide 10mg, Metolazone 2.5 mg. Due to mild problem with kidney function tests, d/c-d diuretics for
about a week, as Nephrologist advised. I am getting a review this week.Never had low BP, while lying down. However, mostly BPs are measured while sitting only, and manually with no automated machines-not in the city, Hyderabad, India.


Low-dose 'triple pill' lowers blood pressure more than usual care
No increase in adverse effects seen with three-drug combo in one capsule

A pill combining low doses of three blood pressure-lowering medications significantly increased the number of patients reaching blood pressure targets compared with usual care, researchers reported at the American College of Cardiology's 67th Annual Scientific Session. There was also no significant increase in adverse effects with the "Triple Pill."

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