At-home cholesterol kit? Reliable?

Posted by lonestarinitaly @lonestarinitaly, Mar 2 8:36am

Trying to stay off statins, as I've had bad results. Ordered an at-home cholesterol kit to try and track my results but scores seem very low, perhaps very unreliable. Can anyone comment on this and/or recommend a brand that is reliable?

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Hi @lonestarinitaly Getting those cholesterol numbers to a healthy level can be such a struggle. I honesltly never thought about home cholesterol kits! So you caught my attention…

I did a little sleuthing to find out what’s available. This article from was helpful. It tested a number of the home kits on the market to find what they felt was the best in different categories. Maybe it will answer a few questions you have.

What have you been doing to drop your cholesterol levels?


Thanks so much. Nice to know these at-home tests are relatively accurate. I'm simply following advice from this article. Also, try Bergomot pills. They come from citrus trees, grown in Calabria. My Italian friends has incredible results in lowering their cholesterol; Dr's. we're amazed


If my experience with a home test(Everylywell) means anything I would be vary wary of the results. After a full year of a heart-healthy diet(cut way down on saturated fats, sodium, added sugar, etc.) my cholesterol jumped from 178 to 264! My LDL was way high too and my HDL was lower than ever. I received a text and was cut off before talking to anyone after being asked if I wanted to. However, at that time, I had not checked my email and seen the results so maybe that had something to do with it. I have heard nothing from them since. It should be noted that I was informed before taking the test that the results may not be accurate.

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