Apical Cardiomyopathy

Posted by mistymopps3 @mistymopps3, Oct 13, 2016

I have apical cardiomyopathy which I believe is quite rare. My wall thickness is 1.34cm. Can anyone tell me how bad this is or whether it is just a bit thicker than normal. I have no obstruction. The thickness hasn’t increased since diagnosis 3 years ago

yw Colleen. 🙂 Anytime!


I have apical HCM but I am a HOCM with mid-ventricular obstruction. I also had an apical aneurysm which was resected during my apical myectomy. I am not sure if it is true to say that apical HCMers do not have obstruction.


It is true. As Vivian says, having apical HCM does not automatically mean you do not have obstruction. Everyone’s anatomy is different. You can certainly have apical HCM and have obstruction. It is highly individual.

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