anti synthetase syndrome

Posted by nancykay1888 @nancykay1888, Feb 12, 2020

My husband was diagnosed with this autoimmune syndrome in 2017 after spending 4-1/2 months in the hospital (59 in ICU). Normally it affects women with one in 100,000 people. It has affected his pulmonary system, muscles, blood, skin and you never know when something will pop up. He has wonderful doctors who watch him very carefully. Has anyone else ever encountered this syndrome or heard of anyone with it?

Hello @nancykay1888, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I did a search of Connect and was not able to find any discussions on Antisynthetase Syndrome. It must be difficult for you that your husband has such a rare disorder. It's great to hear that he has a good group of doctors who care for him. Have his doctors done any treatments or therapies that help his symptoms?

I was not aware of the Antisynthetase Syndrome and had to look it up. I found some good information describing the condition on the National Organization for Rare Disorders website —


Hello @nancykay1888, I would also like to welcome you to Connect. I am sorry to hear about your husband's rare disorder. I read the link that @johnbishop provided in his post to you. This must have been very difficult for his doctors to diagnose.

If you are comfortable sharing more, what type of symptoms was your husband experiencing when he was in the hospital? I'm also wondering what type of specialist made this diagnosis.

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