Posted by clevelandpatient @clevelandpatient, Aug 27, 2017

What does this mean? I had a Ct done cause if traces of blood in urine and I have 3 kidney stones but then they find other things can someone please tell what this means?

Someone please explain this to me bout the aneurysm and how serious is this is. Please read


Hi Clevelandpatient,
I can imagine how frightening this must be to get such a detailed report with multiple findings. It is really important that you get time with your doctor so that he or she can explain what all the terms mean and what they mean specific to you.

Before you go to your appointment, you may wish to read about vasculitis here:

Also, here is a good checklist of how to prepare for an appointment, questions to ask and what questions you might expect from the doctor:

For vasculitis, some basic questions to ask include:

What type of vasculitis do I have?
What’s causing my vasculitis?
Will I need more tests?
Is my vasculitis acute or chronic?
Will my vasculitis go away on its own?
Is my vasculitis serious?
Has any part of my body been seriously damaged by vasculitis?
Can my vasculitis be cured?
What are my treatment options?
What are the benefits and risks of each treatment?
Is there one treatment you feel is best for me?
How long will treatment last?
I have another medical condition. How can I best manage these conditions together?
Should I see a specialist?
Do you have any brochures or other printed material that I can take with me? What websites do you recommend?

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