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Alzheimer's disease... help me understand

Posted by @rustinsaffari in Brain & Nervous System, Dec 5, 2012

Hey everyone, my name is Rustin and I am a senior in high school. This year I am taking a class in anatomy and physiology, which I have been loving so far. We have been doing a project for the past few months called the "Chronic Condition Project" in which each student is assigned to a different chronic condition and our job is to gain a full understanding of the disease (causes, symptoms, treatment, etc.), but we also have to understand it on a personal level. I have been struggling with the latter portion of the project. I was hoping everyone could help me understand what it's like to live around alzheimer's disease. What's the hardest part about it? How did you react when you heard that your loved one was diagnosed with the disease? How did your loved one react when he or she was diagnosed? What kinds of changes had to be made to you and your loved one's daily life? Personal stories or anecdotes would be great. Thank you so much!


Posted by @piglit, Dec 5, 2012

Hi Rustin I have been a high care aged worker for over five years know amd would be pleased to help you if I can. I can only tell you from my outlook as to what I have experienced working with families in their own homes. The adjustment can be quite overwhelming similar to a grief process because the family member that they live with is starting to not remember things. Some of these people have been married for many years and know their spouses can't remember events and in time can't remember their family members. It is hard and also their routine are upset as well. Carers assist in the homes after an assesment is done as to their personal needs. These can also include transport, respite , shopping and social supportwithin the home. It is another adjustment for the family to accept strangers into their own homes. Lose of independence can also be another strong emotion so as a carer we try to keep them as independent as we can re helping to do things that they are able to do. As for the stories well I have heard many wonderful ones. Dementia effects short term memory but if you take the person back they can tell you the most amazing stories of their earlier years even going back to childhood memories. I hope that this little insight has helped and would be pleased to help more if I can. I have know left the community and work in a aged care nursing home in the high care dementia unit so I am know fulfilling one of my many dreams which is where I'm at know. Take care Annie

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Posted by @piglit, Feb 23, 2013

Hi Rustin have replied to your post have not received any reply hope the information I provided was helpful Take care


Posted by @rustinsaffari, Feb 24, 2013

Hello, I apologize for not replying sooner, but your post helped a lot! Thank you so much taking the time to respond to my post.


Posted by @piglit, Feb 25, 2013

No worries rustin anytime will help if I can

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