Has anyone had the LEAP-MRT Food Reaction Test?

Posted by mgnunez75 @mgnunez75, Mar 28, 2016

ALLERGIES: LEAP-MRT Food Reaction Testing? Has anyone heard of this test? It tests for 130 food and 20 chemical and additives for reactivity.
I have had allergies and asthma practically since birth (40 years). I have IBS, non-celiac gluten intolerance, ADHD, have had Eczema, I’m lactose intolerant, my integrative medicine doc thinks I have “leaky gut syndrome”, Im allergic to shellfish (not seafood thankfully), amoxicillin/penicillin/flexeril drug sensitivity, allergic to cinnamon gum, I have environmental allergies (grass, trees, dust, pollen, etc..), acidic pineapple sensitivity (must be thoroughly rinsed, baking soda & peroxide toothpaste, all scented laundry/bath/dish soaps/feminine products, and my newest is a possible sulfite sensitivity (shortness of breath). I have my reflux under control (I had both kinds).
I basically do a (as much as possible) Organic/Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, GERD-friendly, Gallbladder-friendly (mine was removed 2 years ago) diet. (HAHA!) I take a ton of supplements daily and just want to know once and for all everything I am allergic or intolerant to, so I dont have to keep finding out the hard way!

Hi @mgnunez75, and welcome to Connect. I’m Alyse, and I’m one of the community moderators here. I’m sorry to hear about all of your allergies – I can only imagine how frustrating it can be finding out the hard way, like you said.

Have you done any type of allergy or food reaction test before? Or have you scheduled a time for the LEAP-MRT test? I found some information on the types of food allergy tests Mayo Clinic offers (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/food-allergy/basics/tests-diagnosis/con-20019293).


MGUNEZ75 I have also had allergies all of my life. The foods I am allergic to tend to change over time. I have just been diagnosed with lichen planus, an auto imune disease that attacks mucus membranes primarily in your mouth. So, I dont thonk it is possible to identify future itmes that may cause you trouble.

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