After Iridotomy - eye pain and headaches 2 months later

Posted by dibr @dibr, Sep 28, 2018

I had a YAG iridotomy done July 24th because my angles were closed. No pain, no nothing … no symptoms. My left eye was done first and yes it hurt but in 5 minutes, pain was gone. A whole different story with my right eye. The initial laser zap was an unbelievable pain that I have ever experienced (I have a very high tolerance for pain) and it never went away and I also had extreme headache on right side as well. I asked the opthamologist what happened because of the extreme pain and headaches. He said nothing. I asked if everything was ok, he said yes. I continue to have headaches and pain in my right eye 2 months later. Has anyone else experienced this?

I had an LPI, laser peripheral iridotomy 2 months ago and have been suffering from severe migraines ever since with no explanation or solution.


Me too


In my opinion iridotomy is the worst thing ever happened to the people

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Are they migraine type headaches? How long have you been suffering with them?

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