After effect of BCG treatments

Posted by jayson1210 @jayson1210, 3 days ago

Completed 4th set of 3 BCG treatments first 11 treatments were trouble free. It has been 10 weeks since last(12th) BCG treatment
and now when laying down have severe urgency to urinate 12 to 15 times in an 8 hour period and there is just slight discomfort toward end of urination. Anyone with similar experience and suggestions for resolution.

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Sounds about right for a lot of us. You might ask your doc about Pyridium/Phenazopyridine (helps some with pain and a little with urgency) or Oxybutynin (better for urgency but may have some side effects). Phenazopyridine is available OTC at lower dosage than the prescription form.


I am a 12 year bladder cancer survivor. Urgency may or may not be related to your BCG TREATMENTS. I suggest you call your urologist and be specific on how often, did urgency increase over time or onstart happen suddenly, etc. I have weakness in my pelvic floor muscles. I have both stress and urgency bladder issues. These are not related to my treatments. It’s related to my core and pelvic floor muscle and tone not BCG treatments. . Suggestion: . See what is causing this increase in frequency. May u stay bladder cancer free!

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