Advice for first time client to Mayo

Posted by sbest010 @sbest010, Jun 8 12:46pm

Hello I am looking for helpful suggestions or advice for a new client visiting Mayo for the first time. Examples would be the best way to navigate the campus, where to stay, etc.

I was able to secure an appointment with Dr. Bonnichsen for August.

I will be flying from Michigan to Minnesota and looking for suggestions to make this process as least stressful as possible.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you

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You might also check the support group on visiting Mayo. I’ve been to Mayo a couple of times and there is great support for patients. I found it to be exemplary. The staff was uniformly helpful and friendly despite the number of people they see each day and the repetition they must have to endure.

I stayed in the Kahler Inn and Suites. It was connected by a tunnel. I found that to be very convenient. It reduced the stress a little for me. It was very walking friendly. We walked to a local grocery store, but it was a haul, There are restaurants, a book store, shops, etc. within easy walking distance.

No real insight. Just seemed easy once I chose the hotel. You might think about what you will do if they ask you to stay another day or two. That happened to me and I was able to extend my reservation. Good luck!


Thank you both for sharing your insight and information. It is very helpful.


Mayo has a travel concierge service. Go to and google “travel concierge.” You can also call Mayo information and ask to be transferred (507 284 2511).
You did not mention how mobile you are. There are numerous hotels (Residence Inn, The Kahler, and others) that are within reasonable walking distance (r.g., a couple of city blocks or across the street) of the central Mayo clinc buildings (Gonda, the Mayo Building, the Hilton, etc.). St Mary’s Hospital where you may meet some surgical team members is about a mile away from the Clinic buildings but there are shuttles that run between them. You may choose to stay in a hotel closer to St Mary’s or even one away from the Mayo campus. These more distant hotels all have free shuttles.
Some hotels have suites with kitchens but there is no grocery store in central downtown Rochester.
There is a very large and extremely well stocked (with everything) HyVee grocery store about eight blocks from the central Mayo campus buildings. I come from the South. I am used to low produce prices (produce in Rochester is very expensive) and a wide variety of washed and “ready to eat” produce, pre-made salads, pre-made mixed fresh vegetables/ potatoes for the microwave, different types of of grab and go sandwiches, etc., on grocery shelves. You will not find that here. I live close to the Gulf of Mexico and so grocery stores have these convenience items. I think such an approach would work well for Rochester which must also have a transient “tourist” population.
There are grocery delivery services. Our experiences with these have been suboptimal but some may be better than others. Also restaurant meal delivery services are available. Some restaurants are better than others at sending the “right” (ordered) food. We stopped using all these “convenience” services. We go to the restaurant now for take out and check the bag contents at the restaurant. (This is probably necessary everywhere.)
Rochester is an old town so some hotels reflect this; they have not been updated - they are probably too busy to undertake major reconstruction and patients do not appreciate noise.
If big walk in showers, recliners, etc., are important ask about whatever amenities are available before you reserve your room.
Rochester has a variety of restaurants, including fast food restaurants in an attached underground “galleria” shopping area. This is attached to the Mayo clinic area.


Hsminc thank you for your very detailed reply. It contains the type of information I was seeking. I noticed from your posts that you consistently deliver this type of information and it is appreciated.

I am a planner and this diagnosis came out of the blue so I am trying to regain some control by being informed. Thank you again.

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