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Posted by Becky, Volunteer Mentor @becsbuddy, Sep 8, 2019

Have you ever found yourself in a position of just not knowing what to do? How to keep someone busy or distracted or entertained or anything?! @debbraw gave me a list that her caregivers group put together and suggested that I share it with you. Do you have any hobbies or games or books that have worked for you? Please share! Here is @debbraw ‘s list:

Take an after dinner drive
Tour the countryside
Go out for ice cream. Try different locations
Go to the Farmers Market
Visit a dog park
Visit a county, state, or national park
Have a meal out. Take some friends along
Bird watch and identify them and keep a list
Collect leaves in the Fall
Ask a neighbor to visit
Watch the children at a playground
Attend free music events at the library
Visit a garden center
Go to a book store that has a coffee bar
Watch old Saturday morning cowboy shows or find old DVDs at the library
Have a contest with Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy
Board games or card games
Folding laundry
Play croquet

Tell us what has worked for you and add to our suggestion list!

@becsbuddy coloring books for adults, learning a new hobby that "I always wanted to try", walk around your neighborhood and look for changes in flowers and gardens. Body of water nearby? Go watch the waves, boats, people. Go fly a kite, literally! Take walks at different times of day, following the same route, and see how the light seems to change what you see.


@becsbuddy – I'll add a few more that have worked for me. If my husband has meaningful chores, it's a huge boost. For him, raking leaves, blowing leaves off the driveway, watering plants, and weeding the garden are great activities – and they really help out. He also takes out the trash – including regular trash on Tuesday, yard waste on Wednesday and recycling on Friday. All the cans are labeled with the contents and the day of the week so its not confusing. He also carries in the groceries when I shop and helps me put them away (it refreshes his memory about where things go and helps me see where they are actually being stored!) A few other fun things we do: taking a walk together, working on a simple jigsaw puzzle, and going through old photographs to "organize" and reminisce.

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