3C ovarian cancer: tumor markers gradually rising, what's next?

Posted by starko @starko, Dec 16, 2020

Anyone had stage 3C ovarian, surgery and chemo that seemed to destroy the cancer, then 2 years later, the cancer tumor markers are gradually rising, although a CT scan cannot yet pin point the spread? I have had metformin, Lynparaza to stop the progression but neither had a positive result and Lynparaza had horrible side effects. Any similar experiences? Any other meds that seemed to work? No BRAC mutations.

I am sorry to hear that. Interesting that the scan can’t pick it up. Interested in the response. I just had endometrial cancer come back after 6 months.
I had surgery and thought it was gone


Hi @starko and @miriam57. Starko, I augmented the title of your discussion a little to make it more specific and added it to the Gynecologic Cancers group too (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/gynecologic-cancer/). Additionally, I think you might both be interested in a similar discussion about tumor markers that @stparker54 started a little while ago.
– CA-125 Results Went Up: Should I be concerned? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/ca-125-results-rose/

I'm tagging fellow members @pauldale4 @odette @leannn @rochellewisner @dswiney @ch0c00ki35 @maryeq1516 and @lilah to get their experiences with tumor marker concerns.

Starko, does your oncologist suggest other imaging tests besides the CT scan? What's the next step?


I am sorry to hear that the tumor markers have been gradually rising. I am glad that you have written because you mentioned that you were going to Mayo AZ in November and I was concerned about issues with traveling from Hawaii due to COVID. (Hawaii is the only state we can travel to actually with our many restrictions. I love Hawaii and I have family there, but I don't see a visit any time soon.)
Were you able to go to Mayo for your care? What did they recommend at this point? I do believe you can feel confident in their advice as they are the best. I do not have HGSOC so I am not familiar with the medications you have been given. There have been some concerns about metformin in the research, but I don't really know anything about it. If your CA125 was high prior to surgery, typically they will consider it a good indicator, but it can rise from other reasons, I believe. Hopefully, they can propose other types of treatment if necessary as there are many more options available. Stay in touch and stay well.


Thank you, Odette. I have been consulting with Mayo, AZ. The drugs I mentioned were their recommendations. Unfortunately, they had no effect. I am open to new suggations.


I also have 3C diagnosed 6/16/16. Also BRCA negative. Have had several treatments including a clinical trial. Carbo, taxol, surgery, more carbo, taxol, break for 9 months, recurrence. Carbo, gemzar, 2 different PARP inhibitors, side effects and progression of disease, clinical trial of herceptin and Perjeta, stopped because of side effect, back to Carbo, taxol and Avastin for 6 months and now on Avastin only, every 3 weeks since April and it’s been keeping my tumors from progressing. I have a few side effects but I’ve realized there’s some with whatever you are on. You just have to learn what helps. There’s a Facebook private group “sisterhood of Ovarian Cancer Survivors” where you can search for answers to your problems. If you have a specific question for me, let me know. My name is Dale.

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