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Things are not going well. My cancer markers had continued to slowly increase and drugs (metformin, Lynparza ) seem to not make a difference. The cancer has traveled from my ovaries to my brain. It was suggested by a local neurosurgeon that I have an immediate MRI which indicated a huge growth on my lower cerebellum. This growth was removed the following day and suddenly my cancer markers became normal. I am scheduled for four brain radiation sessions beginning next week. If all that is successful, I assume I will be put on avastin. We are also testing to see if the cancer has permeated my esophagus. More MRIs for brain, spine coming up this week.

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It is fortunate that your neurosurgeon took such quick action. The procedure seems to have produced a positive outcome with the markers normalizing. Hopefully, the upcoming radiation sessions will be successful and the new medication will be effective. I'm so sorry you are facing these new challenges, but as Miriam has said, "Keep fighting" and we will all be here for you.

Starko: did you have actual brain surgery to remove the growth in your brain or was it treated with Cyberknife technology? When I had 2 lesions in my brain in December 2009, they were removed surgically. Subsequent brain lesions in 2010 were treated with Cyberknife (a great radiation technology). I have been free of brain cancer since October 2010. I have an MRI every 6 months as a check-up.

@starko, I'm so glad I checked in with you. Thank you for taking the time to share what you're going through right now. I know you're concentrated very much on your health and managing new treatments. Just remember, your gyne gal friends are here when you need a virtual hand or shoulder.