3 yr old not speaking: Where to get help?

Posted by kodiac4 @kodiac4, Jan 3, 2022

I have a 3 yr old grandson that when he started babbling I've heard him say "da da" but that soon disappeared. He makes sounds but nothing we can understand although he's quite a smart little guy, eventually he'll get his point across. His hearing was check around 1 1/2 yrs of age & parents told that he can hear. Obviously there's a problem somewhere & he needs help.

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It is very disturbing when a child’s speech doesn’t develop as it should- or even loses words learned already.
I think it’s a good time for him to be evaluated for speech and language delay.
You say he is a smart little boy- he most likely understand what is said to him, but there is a problem expressing himself.
The process for speech and language evaluation could differ, depending on what state he lives in.
My experience comes from having my son evaluated at age 3 for speech delay. We lived in NY and up to age 3 the state would back the evaluation and after age 3 the local school district was responsible.
There is no cost to the parents.
The parents could contact both the social services and the school system.
My son was started in a special pre- school that focused on speech.
Once he started kindergarten, he was given speech therapy outside school.
Can you let me know how it’s working out?


Need a picture of him resting/playing to know health considerations..

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