My 3 month old constantly spitting up all food. Should I be worried?

Posted by kaytfrank @kaytfrank, Jul 3, 2021

My 3month old is constantly spitting all of his food up. I am changing outfits about 12-14 times a day. One bib is covered after a feeding. I have tried every bottle they have said to try. I have tried different formulas, he even spits up breast milk. I have been feeding upright and burping either as soon as I move him to my shoulder he spits or as soon as he burps he spits. I feeding 2oz-4oz every two to three hours. He’s not bothered by the spitting up. And he gaining weight but this momma is tired of the spitting up. It’s a forceful spit up. Sometimes it looks slimy and sometimes it looks chunky.

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Hello @kaytfrank, Welcome to Connect. It's been many years since I experienced what you are going through with your 3 month old son. I'm tagging a few super moms @sueinmn @artscaping and others who may be able to share some of their wisdom and experiences with babies and feeding problems. Until others can share their suggestions, here is some information from Mayo Clinic that may be helpful:

Spitting up in babies: What's normal, what's not:

Have you thought about calling your OB/GYN doctor to see if they have any suggestions or thoughts?


@kaytfrank – First – Congratulations on your baby boy!
Spitting up definitely can make you pull your hair out!
You mentioned two positive things- he is gaining weight and he is not bothered by it.
He is getting enough nutrition despite the spitting up.
My grandson was not a happy spitter- upper. He cried constantly and didn’t gain much weight. Eventually he got better.
Did you try adding rice cereal to the bottle? It makes the feeding heavier and has a better chance of staying down. One tsp would be a start.
Do you have a pediatrician to consult with?


@kaytfrank, I'm relieved to hear that your son is gaining weight. Like @astaingegerdm says, that's important to remark. I remember being worried about my daughter throwing up after a feeding. It seemed like she expelled so much that I was convinced that she threw up everything. Then someone told me to throw an 1/8 of a cup of water from the height of my shoulder. You'd be amazing how far and wide such a small amount of liquid can spread.

That being said, I agree with @johnbishop and Inge. For peace of mind and to rule out anything medical, you should consult with your son's pediatrician or your doctor.


Oh, how frustrating! I had two spitters, we tried everything you have, and nothing worked! The only thing that ever made a difference was time. The pediatricians said if they knew how to cure it they would be millionaires…
Here are 2 tips, in the meantime, to make your life easier –
Cover yourself when you feed. I took a bunch of dress shirts, cut off the sleeves and collars, and wore them to protect me. (Tshirts absorbed too much.) Ask around for castoffs, and wash with baby's stuff.
Don't dress him in the summer – just wash him off with a washcloth. There's no rule baby has to wear clothes if he's not cold. I used to feed my daughter on a receiving blanket, wash her off with it, and throw it in the wash!


You'll get through it. Keep trying different things that work for you and baby.

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