Please help with sleep problems

Posted by 0616 @0616, Jun 27, 2020

Please help with sleep problems.

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Anyone purchased a bed that raises the head? I can't sleep!! I am like a zombie. I am tired all the time. I have many problems but no sleep is definitely not helping! I watch TV in the evening. I go to bed. Then I am awake! So, I turn on TV in bedroom. I like the Golden Girls and they are on until one am, still can't sleep. Watch Frazier. May go to sleep three or four o' clock. Dry mouth. Have to pee about ten times a night. No sleep. Go to sleep. Up in half hour to go to bathroom. I actually went to sleep on the commode and went flying into the side of the tub at great speed and hit top of my head–neck hurt for weeks and weeks. Four days later, had x-ray. Had a fractured continuous process on C-4 in neck. Very painful! Purchased online a commode chair for bedroom at price of $310. Shower/commode chair on wheels. Arrived by UPS. Shipping charges. Purchased belt to go around me on chair. When it arrived, husband unpacked, very large, made for jolly green giant! If I used it, I would have to scoot way back to even line up with pot. Had to send it all back. The belt was so hard to open, I would have been stuck on it until husband woke up. He's a good sleeper. I have sleep apnea, can't wear machine–can't breathe thru nose. So, I'm back to square one. Have a terribly dry mouth, also. Tried Biotene until I read it contains parabens. I read a long time ago and wrote it down in a journal that it is cancer causing. So, even though it worked, I don't want to use something that causes cancer. If anyone read this all the way through, thank you. God bless you all. We thank Him for all he has done and all he is going to do.

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I have severe dry mouth also. I use to use Biotene as well. My sleep doc suggested I try Xylimelts and they work wonderfully! I buy them on Amazon in bulk (100 per bottle). Nothing more miserable than waking up several times a night with completely dry mouth.

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