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Burning Mouth Syndrome. I have it very severe.

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I am a 55 year old woman who has had this for 13 years. It is devastating and has completely changed my life…I belong to a group of woman on line who have this and we are trying to figure out how to treat this. I have decided to go to a holistic dr to get bioidentical hormones. I think it’s either that or from GERD, something going on in our digestive track. will be gettng my kit for hormonal testing…will post my results.

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@Destinana: Your anguish is understandable. It seems every med, every remedy, every intervention disappoints. I was recently told by a practioner that some cases of BMS might be caused by dental galvanism, and it appeared my situation was one of them. A quick search of the term will result in a dead end — fake science. But I looked into the treatment anyway which was to have all your fillings replaced with nonconductive materials. Very costly if you have a metal-filled mouth, but desperation may ultimately drive BMS sufferers to it. I haven’t gone that route yet.
For the reflux, I read an article that recommended freezing a whole lemon then grating a tablespoon or two of it ( rind included) into boiling water and drinking like tea. Apparently reflux can be caused by not having enough of the right kind of acid in your system. Maybe this could help you. I have tried it, tastes good and doesn’t make anything worse….

More than a reply is a question to you since you mentioned Jacksonville in Florida. Do they treat BMS patient like in Rochester, Minnesota or Scottsdale Arizona. My wife has been suffering with the Burning Tongue only, 24/7

I’m not sure what you mean? Be more specific.

The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona treats patients with BMS, they don't give numbers on how many have been cure. They do not accept government insurance. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota treats patients with BMS, they do accept government insurance.
You mentioned that you were diagnosed with BMS at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, do they treat patients with BMS.

My dr think it is histamine intolerance. Menopausal women sometimes ability to break down histamine it is on food mainly.. I hope to have a histamine intolerance test. My mouth been burning for a year and nose. Took claritin and felt like I could tolerate it. Also quercetin which is a natural antihistamine. But it made me nervous. I'm going to an allergist but may have to go out of state to get help for inability to break down histamine

Welcome to Connect, @histamine.

I'm interested in hearing what the allergist says. Keep us updated, please. How long were you experiencing symptoms before you figured out that Claritin worked?

Along with bms I have had a period of to much histamine. For a month I was covered in a ugly red itchy rash which sent me to the dermatologist. The one thing I have learned which was mentioned by my primary care dr during this time, is one of the best drugs to take daily for histamine intolerance is over the counter Cimetedine (tagamet) 2 200 mg a day. Just a suggestion for you. The low dose will not hurt you. I buy it otc at Walmart, its pennies a day. Personally I do not believe that histamine and bms are commonalities.

Hi, @twentyfour7 — thank you for your suggestion of lidocaine gel for BMS pain. Wondering how your BMS is doing lately?

Thank you for thinking about me! I am slogging through the days with the goal of keeping the discomfort tuned out. Like a computer program, it is always running in the background.. ( I call it BMS 3.0)… Anyway, I tried the Claritin as someone suggested, and have not noticed much of a difference yet. The Lidocaine gel is still the only thing that quells the fire, albeit temporarily. I have been wondering if anyone else has dreams about being in pain? Most sites describing BMS say the only relief sufferers experience comes during sleep. That is not the case for me. I often dream I am pulling glass shards of broken Christmas ornaments from my mouth, and upon waking realize the burning has intensified during the night . Despite all this nonsense, I still managed to live a blessed life. This website has become a source of comfort to me, and I am thankful we can share our experiences.

When my bms is really acting up I suck on sugar free peppermint candy. It masks the burning. Also I brush my teeth, tongue and roof of my mouth 2-3 times or more during the day. It cures nothing but it helps me to manage it better. I hope you find something to help you.