Transplant Connect Page: What's New?

Mar 2, 2021 | Kristin Eggebraaten | @keggebraaten

When we began the journey with this Transplant page on Mayo Clinic Connect, we were on a mission to put more information about living donor transplant in the hands of those who were considering organ donation. Since living donor transplant was a unique aspect of our program at the time, we wanted a platform to post more details of living donation and still keep our recipients and caregivers well informed about the process. Now that we’ve established those goals, we’ve decided to move on to additional organ groups. Patients who need or have had heart, lung and pancreas transplants are also hungry for information about how to navigate the process and keep their organs healthy. We’ve done our best to include information for everyone who is interested in organ transplant and maintaining a healthy life after surgery.Whats new blog post 3-2-2021

What’s Different

  • A wider variety of blog topics

Over the next several months, you will see more blog topics on our Newsfeed tab that apply to other organs such as heart, lung, and pancreas. You will still see our great topics on liver, kidney and living donor, but we plan to expand your knowledge about other organ groups that rely on our deceased donors and donor families for their gift of life. If you have ideas on blog content, feel free to comment on one of our blogs or within our discussion group.

  • New organ tabs

You will see some new tabs on the page. When you click on the “More” tab, you will find new tabs for heart transplant, lung transplant and pancreas transplant. These tabs contain specific information on what to expect with the transplant process, eligibility, financial information and social support options. Each tab also contains a link to our multiorgan transplant website. You may also notice that our Recipient tab has been retired, and we now have separate tabs for liver transplant and kidney transplant.

  • FAQ and resources tab

We’ve combined our FAQ and Resources into one tab. Additional information has been added to that tab including a link to our Mayo Clinic Support Groups information.

  • Data tab

We know that searching for a transplant center can be difficult and understanding the statistics surrounding those centers can sometimes be confusing. We’ve tried to make that process easier by including a tab labeled “Data” where you can learn more about the statistics and data submitted by transplant centers across the country. Knowing the outcomes and volumes of a transplant center can be important in choosing which center is best for you.

Our mission is to provide you with trusted information on our Transplant Connect page and a safe and comfortable online environment to chat with others in our Transplant Discussion Group. Do you have any ideas for us to improve our service to you? Or any blog topics you’d like to hear more about? Let us know!



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