Helping COVID Long-Haulers Recover: U.S. News features Hospital Heroes

Jun 25, 2021 | Greg Vanichkachorn | @drvan

The U.S. News ran a series of stories asking healthcare professionals to reflect on their experiences during the pandemic, asking "One Pandemic Question." Honored to be featured in the US News World Report's Hospital Heroes. Thank you for sharing the plight of those with long COVID symptoms.

Patients with post COVID-19 syndrome can make themselves worse if they push themselves too hard. It is often hard for patients to understand how to limit their activity while healing from the COVID-19 infection. Learn more about the COVID Activity Rehabilitation Program in the News.

Post-COVID-19 syndrome can be incredibly frustrating. Your provider is here to help. Learn more about post-COVID-19 syndrome in the basics and newsfeeds sections. Take the next steps after exploring self-care opportunities.

You are not alone. Engage in the Post-COVID Recovery discussion group to connect with others about post-COVID-19 syndrome.

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