The Sound of Post-COVID Syndrome

Apr 2, 2021 | Greg Vanichkachorn | @drvan | Comments (7)

We are learning more and more about Post COVID Syndrome (PCS) every day. One symptom patients have been reporting lately is ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus.

This is a relatively common problem, affecting 12-20% of people in general. It is more common as we age and more common among males and people who smoke.  Patients can experience not just ringing, but other sounds, such as clicking, humming, and roaring. The condition can be caused by many things, including hearing loss, circulation problems, and nerve issues.  In addition, depression and anxiety can significantly worsen tinnitus. Sometimes tinnitus can be severe enough to limit your daily activities and sleep.

We do not have enough information yet to say that infection by COVID-19 or that Post COVID Syndrome causes tinnitus. However, that doesn’t mean nothing can be done to help. If tinnitus is affecting your life after COVID-19, please speak with your local primary care provider. A local audiologist may also be able to help. Finally, please visit the American Tinnitus Association website for helpful information and support, including support groups.

You're not alone. Talk with others about living with long-term symptoms in the online Post-COVID Recovery support group.

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Hi,I suffer bilateral tinnitus and it’s been almost 5 years. It has taken me years to get to where I was before second Pfizer vaccine and now I feel I’m back to that horrible place of living with this sound. I can’t prove it was caused by the vaccine and they don’t do enough research and I’ll never get this vaccine again. My second dose was August 15 2021. I just pray it’s temporary what else can I do. I’m so disappointed. I waited because I was on the fence to begin with. Next time I’ll listen to my inner voice. I was indoors anyway but happy and now I’m simply miserable. I’d love to know how many others have suffered from the vaccine. I was staying indoors so I never was a risk of getting anyone sick. The vaccines saves lives but now my life is miserable.


Hi Joanne,
I have had tinnitus for several years. Don't know for sure why but I think it is related to the migraines I have had since I was a child. I never paid any attention to it until a doctor asked me if I had ringing in my ears with my migraines and I said "no". I think I had adapted to it and had just been blocking it out because after that I realized that constant hissing really was in my head. I had blamed it on over head lights…….
Dr. Gregory Poland at Mayo Rochester has talked about his experience with developing severe tinnitus about 90 minutes after his second covid-19 vax. I did see another article later that he commented on the need for research of this as a possible side effect. He did comment about receiving many messages from people who had also experienced this as a side effect of the vax. His description sounded like it was quite debilitating for him. You can find his interview on 'Healio' or on the mayo podcasts to read more.
To fall asleep at night I have to put ear buds in and listen to sleep sounds or music. Otherwise I can't fall asleep with the hissing. I also look for podcasts that have speakers that have soothing voices. It doesn't matter what they are talking about. It is just a soothing voice to block the hissing.
I thought about getting a sound machine but I discovered I really need the distracting sound to be right in my ear.
If you have any helpful ideas I would be grateful.


Sorry, I have nothing. I sleep with my television on all night, 5 plus years now. I can’t sleep with my husband because the light and sound drives him crazy. I don’t blame him. Vacationing is tough and many times we get adjoining rooms. I have certain ear buds for certain adventures. I have a head set for the dentist, flight ear buds, restaurant earbuds and others too.
It’s no fun and I was in a better place dealing with it prior to the vaccine. I would never get the boosters. I also got my second vaccine August 2021. I also waited and since I’ve posted my first blog here I have heard of many people who this has happened to. I wish you all the best. I think we just need to find that happy place…blessings, Joanne


The covid vaccines have caused severe tinnitus in several of my friends.


I feel as if I have changed since dealing with Covid. There’s no good care for this! I see a pulmonologist and try to do something every day but everything is such an effort. I need a Covid casemanger/coach and there isn’t anyone like that where I live. It all makes getting olde so much more difficult


It is very discouraging. If I do one thing a day, I consider that progress. Managing symptoms seems to be a full time job!


so I did 3 things Monday and have been good for nothing since then ! My sister told me to use TLC and to incision myself wrapped in softest cotton AND it helps ! Just tired of being tired 😪

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