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Hi,I suffer bilateral tinnitus and it’s been almost 5 years. It has taken me years to get to where I was before second Pfizer vaccine and now I feel I’m back to that horrible place of living with this sound. I can’t prove it was caused by the vaccine and they don’t do enough research and I’ll never get this vaccine again. My second dose was August 15 2021. I just pray it’s temporary what else can I do. I’m so disappointed. I waited because I was on the fence to begin with. Next time I’ll listen to my inner voice. I was indoors anyway but happy and now I’m simply miserable. I’d love to know how many others have suffered from the vaccine. I was staying indoors so I never was a risk of getting anyone sick. The vaccines saves lives but now my life is miserable.

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Hi Joanne, I just read your post and agree with you, 100%. I too developed a very loud, high pitched ringing in my ears after my Oct. 01, 2021 Pfizer vaccines and my life has been just awful ever since. I’m driven crazy with this non stop sound that seems to vary in its intensity day to day. I’ve lost all my up beat, spunkiness and can barely get through some days. I have trouble falling asleep every night and have the tv on or a sound machine set to ocean waves. During the day I can no longer enjoy the quiet peacefulness of my home and neighborhood and have to wear headphones blasting music in my ears and my head if I want to get anything accomplished otherwise this high intensity alarm ringing in my ears makes me feel out of it, I’m unable to focus on doing ANYTHING which includes work, watching tv, conversing with others, memory, reading, following directions, making decisions, and much much more. I’ve had to pull myself out of drowning misery and depression because of this over and over and over. It makes me crazy, it’s just clogging my head up making me give up on so much because I can’t handle to complexity of everything in life, in general. I too didn’t want to get the vaccines. I too went against my inner voice and got the initial 2 shots, no boosters, no way. I do sometimes wonder if I get the boosters maybe the ringing will go away since everyone I personally know doesn’t have this side effect going on and they all got the boosters! Sometimes this ringing is so debilitating that I begin to think that maybe I should test my theory and get all the boosters and maybe the ringing will STOP, but I’m too scared because what if it gets even worse? I can’t imagine it getting any louder, I even hear it above my own voice within my head.