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Hi Joanne, I just read your post and agree with you, 100%. I too developed a very loud, high pitched ringing in my ears after my Oct. 01, 2021 Pfizer vaccines and my life has been just awful ever since. I’m driven crazy with this non stop sound that seems to vary in its intensity day to day. I’ve lost all my up beat, spunkiness and can barely get through some days. I have trouble falling asleep every night and have the tv on or a sound machine set to ocean waves. During the day I can no longer enjoy the quiet peacefulness of my home and neighborhood and have to wear headphones blasting music in my ears and my head if I want to get anything accomplished otherwise this high intensity alarm ringing in my ears makes me feel out of it, I’m unable to focus on doing ANYTHING which includes work, watching tv, conversing with others, memory, reading, following directions, making decisions, and much much more. I’ve had to pull myself out of drowning misery and depression because of this over and over and over. It makes me crazy, it’s just clogging my head up making me give up on so much because I can’t handle to complexity of everything in life, in general. I too didn’t want to get the vaccines. I too went against my inner voice and got the initial 2 shots, no boosters, no way. I do sometimes wonder if I get the boosters maybe the ringing will go away since everyone I personally know doesn’t have this side effect going on and they all got the boosters! Sometimes this ringing is so debilitating that I begin to think that maybe I should test my theory and get all the boosters and maybe the ringing will STOP, but I’m too scared because what if it gets even worse? I can’t imagine it getting any louder, I even hear it above my own voice within my head.

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Best of luck. It’s the worse thing because it’s always there. It’s either high high pitch or a buzz like bees or a loud hiss. It changes constantly. If I fall asleep ever so briefly, it’s so much worse. I’m 68 and I’ll never ever put another vaccine into this body. If my time is up, it’s up.
I first got this years ago on a trip to Paris. I developed pericarditis and it began during that time. The doctors thought that virus settled from my heart to my ears and it would go away. The pericarditis did but the tinnitus didn’t. I worked hard for years to get myself into a somewhat occasional happy place. Then the Covid vaccine just sent the sound to a place it had never been. I’d rather have gotten Covid. I wish I had advice for you, I have none. Best of luck to you…Joanne

I did not see the original post. I'm sorry that you all are going through what you're going through I understand I am as well. I had a popping in my ears one night, all of a sudden I had this loud ringing and I sat up because I thought it was something outside I had no idea at the time it was inside of my own ears. Not outside noise. I had to keep telling myself night after night Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter. Otherwise it would have drove me crazy! Eventually it started to get a little less annoying to say the least. Either that or I was getting used to it. It is now gone if that's any help to you as well as any hope. Every now and then I get it and I just keep myself busy and keep saying Mind Over Matter. The last time I wrote something about Pfizer Mayo took it off here. I respect mail so I'm going to keep my mouth shut but I also had the Pfizer shot. I had five of them I will not have another shot. I've been dealing with long covered for a year and a half. I've been in the hospital five times and I refuse to accept this as my life. I went back out and started playing tennis again and started doing everything that I possibly could and push myself in some days it was hard. Whenever I couldn't have a conversation with somebody because I knew I was clueless that day I totally just avoided people. I couldn't focus on what they were saying and I couldn't remember things that they were talking about it was horrible as you know. But I will tell you it has gotten better I feel better it's taking a long time. Every now and then I'll get thrown off again but I have hope that in time it will totally be gone. I will not get another shot and I don't discourage anybody for getting one. I don't know if it was the shot or the covid nobody knows. I choose to wear a mask in public places and I know it sounds crazy but I put Zicam in my nose constantly. If I hear somebody sneeze near me I keep them in my car and I go right in my car and use one. I take autoimmune boosters. I take extra B12 I do everything I can to get my immune system back to where it should be. I keep telling myself it can always be worse. The heart issues is what scared me the most, the other stuff I can do with. Unfortunately my doctor will not discuss this with me every time I bring it up he does not believe in it that I know of because he won't discuss it he told me I have anxiety which is very upsetting. Of course I have anxiety now that I've gone through this for a year and a half who wouldn't. I don't have it bad but when I start having a health issue I used to get panicky thinking that it was going to start affecting my heart again and I was going to have to go to the emergency room. You guys hang in there, thank God for this Mayo connect site that we can go on. Because I had no body to talk to except for my supporting loving husband and my family. There's so many people that do not believe in this because they've never dealt with it. It's like when people say they have Lupus, or fibromyalgia, it's something that nobody else can see so they question it. Until they go through it!