Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID (PASC) Clinic at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Jun 28, 2021 | Bala Munipalli, M.D. | @bmunipallimd

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville offers a Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID (PASC) Clinic for symptoms after an infection of COVID-19 lasting longer than the usual 3-4 weeks of recovery.

PASC (Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19) Clinic

For symptoms lasting longer than 4 weeks after infection, our team of physicians, nurses, subspecialists, and  integrative medicine experts work with people experiencing sequelae of COVID-19 to assess, treat when necessary, and assist with improving overall functioning and quality of life .

Programs in Rochester include COVID Activity Rehabilitation Program and Post-COVID-19 Care Clinic. Request an appointment at Mayo Clinic and connect with others about Post-COVID in the discussion group.

Video Script

Hello, I am Dr. Munipalli from Mayo Clinic, here to discuss our clinic for Post-acute sequelae of COVID or PASC for short.

Most people who have had COVID-19 will recover within a few weeks, but some people have lingering symptoms that go beyond the usual recovery time of 3-4 weeks.  If symptoms last > 3 months we call this post-COVID syndrome or  “ long COVID”.

These lingering symptoms can be worrisome and frustrating when all you want to do is return to your normal life.  Health care professionals at Mayo Clinic are here to help with your care.  Our clinic sees people who have sequelae of COVID lasting beyond the usual 3-4 weeks of recovery from acute infection.

Our clinic is comprised of a team of specialists from many areas overseen by General Internal Medicine. These members may include physicians, physician assistants or nurse practitioners, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, integrative medicine specialists, and psychologists/psychiatrists.

People who have lingering symptoms related to COVID-19 start in General Internal Medicine.  You will meet a provider in General Internal Medicine who will complete a thorough evaluation, discuss your medical history, current symptoms, complete a physical examination, and determine a personal plan of care to manage your symptoms.

The provider may order several tests to rule out other medical conditions or complications. Once these are ruled out, you may be diagnosed with having sequelae of COVID-19 and at this point, may be referred to a specialty area depending on the symptoms you have.

Mayo Clinic’s PASC Clinic is here to help when you continue to have symptoms beyond the usual recovery time. Contact us by calling the appointment office at 904-956-8887 and asking for the PASC Clinic.

Thank you for letting us help you manage these symptoms and get you on a path to recovery!

End Script

Request an appointment at Mayo Clinic and connect with others about Post-COVID in the discussion group.

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